Everything you didn’t want to know.

Hey, I’m electronic music producer, remixer and technologist, Edward Spark – mononymously known as Sparky – and alter ego of fairly boring Craig Sutherland.

Music production can be traced back to 1989 when my parents bought me the Commodore Amiga ‘Batman Pack’. While it was primarily for gaming, I soon became aware of just how many other things it was capable of. And with a couple of friends, we picked up Dynamic Drums. It was crude and clunky, but probably quite advanced for its time. Above all else, I could put together decent drum sequences. It even had cutting edge ‘hey’ and ‘dog bark’ samples!

It wasn’t long before I moved on to Protracker, the Amiga’s music tracker sequencer. I think it was free, so that was a bonus. As a novice – and not musically trained – I found it hard to get to grips with and I returned to games pretty quickly. I should have stuck with it as by this stage I was obsessed with the production and remixing talents of Shep Pettibone. I didn’t ever play an instrument, still don’t, I just wanted to do what Shep did. I daydreamed a lot.

Fast forward to 2005 and, after plenty mucking around, I released my first proper seven track EP She Don’t Like Techno. It was produced with ACID Pro and made up entirely of samples gathered from the deepest, darkest corners of the Internet. I loved ACID Pro. It gave me a decent introduction to the modern DAW and I ran with it up to v7.

After She Don’t Like Techno I became more elusive, only occasionally dipping in and out of this or that, but never committing or taking solo production seriously. I do, however, enjoy being one quarter of electronic improvisational group Creek with David Reilly (known to many as Cloudland Blue Quartet), Stuart Cobley and Alan Brodie. We’ve recorded hundreds of tracks – all improvised and unrehearsed.

Over the years I’ve contributed on a number of album tracks for Edinburgh artists, but it wasn’t until January 2021 I started releasing solo productions and remixes again. A chance, ‘rogue’ remix for accomplished bass player Andy Long triggered a ton of fresh ideas for what was to become my EP, 1.9.7.FOUR.